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Choose the Right Exfoliation Method - Based on Your Skin Type

Gently exfoliating your skin 1 - 2 times per week benefits your skin in several ways and is an important part of your regular skin care routine. But skin type determines which exfoliation method is typically a more effective choice for you. Read on to find out which method you should choose!
Choose the Right Exfoliation Method - Based on Your Skin Type

Last week I posted an article about exfoliation methods, so this week I want to dive deeper into the best methods for you - based on your skin type.

In case you didn't read last week's post (what??), exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer most layer of your skin - resulting in visibly newer, fresher, and clearer skin. Who DOESN’T want that?!

The exfoliation techniques I highlighted in that post were chemical, physical and mechanical  – now let’s see which method is optimal for your skin type!

The chart below is a great general guide, but I have some caveats & extra tips!

Oily / Combination Skin

Since oily skin can have an extra layer of dead skin cell build up, it may benefit from a physical/mechanical exfoliant to remove it! Our Coffee Lovers Exfoliating Face Wash and/or Silicone Deep Cleansing brush would be great products to try.

This does not mean to avoid chemical exfoliants if you have oily skin – BHA’s, such as a salicylic acid (think acne spot treatments), or gentle enzymes (which are included in our B Bright Exfoliating Clay Mask) are great options! BHA’s dissolve dead skin cells and penetrate to clean out pores.

Oily skin can be exfoliated more than other skin types, generally 2-3 times a week is great.

Acne-prone Skin

Acne prone and oily skin usually go hand-in-hand. It is important to note that if you have an active, inflamed breakout, stick to a BHA chemical exfoliant for optimal results. Once skin is less inflamed, a physical exfoliant can be used.

Side note: sometimes acne breakouts can indicate a compromised skin barrier. Consult a skincare professional because repairing that barrier will be more beneficial for your acne than exfoliating! Our Bright, Tight and Smooth Honey Mask is a healing and beneficial mask for that.

Dry / Combination Skin

AHA exfoliants are a great option! These exfoliants are fruit derived and work on the surface of the skin, leaving it hydrated. These includes glycolic, lactic, mandelic, and malic acids. Our B Bright Exfoliating Clay Mask is a gentle enzyme and still a great option. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

Sensitive Skin

Similar to acne prone skin, you do not want to overdue exfoliating if your skin is sensitive. A good option is trying a gentler, less irritating AHA like lactic acid. Another great option is a gentle device, like our Silicone Deep Cleansing Facial Brush. Or, for even lighter touch, try using a Konjac Sponge as part of your cleansing routine. 1-2 times per week is plenty, and you’ll want to use a method that is nonirritating for YOU.


Just like everything else in life, you’ll need to find the method that feels best for you and your skin. These recommendations are great places to start, but only you can see how your skin reacts to them. Exfoliate regularly for 1-2 months and see how your skin responds.

Enjoy your brighter, fresher skin and let exfoliation be a regular part of your routine!

Your Skincare Bestie,


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