Clean B Four-Piece Bundle

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    Why buy the Clean B products separately when you can buy them as a bundle - and get an automatic discount?

    • Get one of every product in the Clean B Collection (Cleansing Nectar, Gentle Honey Cleanser, Clarifying Honey Toner, Soft Honey Moisturizer) in a convenient bundle - and for a lower combined retail price.

    • Clean B Oil-Based Cleansing Nectar easily and cleanly washes away excess oil, make-up and the grime of the day.

      Clean B Gentle Honey Cleanser (with 54% raw wildflower honey) naturally and effectively cleanses your skin while infusing moisture with the honey and organic glycerin.

      Clean B Clarifying Toner is heavy on organic botanicals - featuring calendula and manuka honey. It balances your skin, removes cleanser residue, helps clear pores, and preps skin for serums & moisturizers.

      Clean B Soft Honey Moisturizer is a lightweight but intensely moisturizing lotion. We use organic aloe vera as the base and add skin-loving, fast absorbing organic oils. Nothing to clog your pores here! In fact, several of the oils will help unclog pores and regulate sebum production to help balance your skin (Hibiscus and Watermelon oils). Other premium oils help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and fade dark spots (Cranberry, Prickly Pear and Plum oils).

      Bakuchiol is an impressive natural retinol alternative with a multitude of anti-aging and anti-acne skin benefits. Calendula and Royal Jelly extracts, along with Niacinamide (vitamin B3), round out the list of skin super-stars in this gentle, effective moisturizer.

    • Use Cleansing Nectar at night to wash away all the grime of the day – but you can also use it in the morning or as your sole cleanser.

      Start with a nickel-sized amount, rub between DRY palms and apply it to your DRY face. It should glide on smoothly. Massage gently for approx. 60 seconds. Rinse with warm water.

      Use Gentle Honey Cleanser after Cleansing Nectar to remove any dirt or residue left behind. A nickel size amount should be fine.

       It’s also great to use on its own. I prefer to start with DRY skin (again, it should glide on smoothly) then wet my hands to create a creamy lather. Starting with damp skin is OK, too - totally up to you.

      Another option: Use Cleansing Nectar, then apply the Honey Cleanser directly on top. Add water, massage, and rinse.

      Use Clarifying Honey Toner after cleansing to remove residue, balance your skin and prep for serums and moisturizers. 

      Saturate a cotton ball or square and gently smooth over face and neck, avoiding immediate eye area. Safe to use morning and night.

      Another option: Pour a quarter-size amount in the palm of your hand and gently pat the toner on face and neck.

      A little Soft Honey Moisturizer goes a long way. Start with a pea size amount for your face and build from there. Apply a similar amount to your neck and chest. Appropriate to use both morning and night.

      As with all quality skin care products, you will see (and feel) the effects of the active ingredients on your skin with consistent use. 

    • Cleansing Nectar Ingredients: Sunflower oil*, Castor oil*, Caprylic capric triglycerides, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, Natural Vitamin E, Manuka oil*, Seabuckthorn oil*

      *70% Organic Content

      Gentle Honey Cleanser Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, Glycerin (vegetable)*, coco glucoside, coco glucoside & glyceryl oleate, Manuka oil*, Sweet orange oil*, Seabuckthorn oil*

      *25% Organic Content

      Clarifying Honey Toner Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice*, Rose flower water, Rice extract & Water & Calendula flower extract*, Honey extract & Butylene glycol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, DMAE bitartrate, Sugar cane extract*, Bilberry fruit extract*, Sugar maple extract*, Orange peel extract*, Lemon peel extract*, Cranberry fruit extract*, White Willow Bark extract*, Tea Tree Leaf oil, Polysorbate 20

      *85% Organic Content

      Soft Honey Moisturizer Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice*, Helichrysum floral water, Niacinamide, Honey cocoates, Watermelon seed oil*, Rice Extract & Water & Calendula Flower Extract*, Cetearyl Alcohol & Cetearyl Glucoside, Arrowroot powder, Hibiscus seed oil, Beet sugar extract, Propanediol, coco caprylate/caprate, Myristyl myristate, Cranberry seed oil*, Prickly Pear oil*, Plum oil*, Vegetable glycerin & Royal Jelly extract & Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate, Bakuchiol, Benzyl Alcohol & Salicylic Acid & Glycerin & Sorbic Acid, Vitamin E, Xanthan Gum & Lecithin & Sclerotium Gum & Pullulan, Manuka oil*

      *60% Organic Content

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Karly C. (New Holland, US)

    I have tried many skin care brands (including medical grade ones) and this just blows them out of the water. My face has never felt more glowy than it has after using this bundle! Not to mention, I have struggled with adult acne for years and it’s clearing up from these products. I also love how organic and natural they are! Even my husband has been using the cleanser and moisturizer and he loves it to. I personally love the smell of all the products. They smell so clean. I would recommend these products to anyone! I’m so pleased!

    Cortney W.

    I've always wanted to find a skincare routine for myself and I love that yours is numbered in order and easy to do/follow! I normally have breakouts around my time of the month, and I notice that this has really helped with my blemishes during that time, as well and my overall skin tone and texture. I will definitely be purchasing some bigger bottles!

    Shay S. (Lebanon, US)
    Love it!

    I love how fresh, hydrated and clean my skin feels after using the bundle. An added bonus is the delicious scent!

    Kelly G. (Lititz, US)
    Love it

    I have been using the Clean B products for a few weeks now and love them. I have noticed such a change in my skin and the way it feels. I also have less breakouts and dryness.

    Karissa C. (Palmyra, US)
    Skin Care

    I’ve suffered with severely sensitive skin all of my life, so I have to really watch what I put on my skin. Most products make my skin red, itchy & cause burning. I purchased the 4 piece skincare bundle praying to find something that worked for my skin. I’ve been using this line for a few weeks now, and I’m so happy with it! First of all it smells amazing! It cleanses your face so well and has lessened my breakouts too! So excited to continue using it and watching my skin keep improving.

    Cortney N.

    I've always wanted to find a skincare
    routine for myself and I love that yours
    is numbered in order and easy to do/
    follow! I normally have breakouts around my time of the month, and I notice that this has really helped with my blemishes during that time, as well and my overall skin tone and texture. I will definitely be purchasing
    some bigger bottles!

    Melissa F.

    I’ve suffered with facial redness my entire life. It’s gotten better with age but it still annoys me daily. Just after the first 2 washes with all 4 steps I could see a difference in redness! My skin looks and feels softer and smoother.
    The only iffy thing for me is the smell. Could just be me though, since getting sick 6+mos ago my sense of smell/taste has been altered. Or maybe I was looking too hard for a sweet honey smell, which is faintly there in the cleanser. Overall, I absolutely love this set and will buy more as long as my skin agrees :heartpulse:

    Sierra M.
    Must have!

    I was recommended these products by 2 of my friends. I bought the smaller version of the bundle to try the products, and within days knew I was sold. I bought the full size bundle and I am SO glad I did. My skin has improved significantly, and I absolutely love that these products are all natural. You have a forever customer!

    Justice S.
    One word: AMAZING!

    After just ONE use my face felt so clean and refreshed and soooo soft! My face is very sensitive and usually toners leave my skin red, burning and dry. Not this one! There was no redness, no burning and my skin felt so hydrated! This will definitely be my new daily facial cleansing routine!