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Clean B Cleansing Trio


Clean B Cleansing Trio




    Why buy the Best Selling Clean B Cleansers and Toner separately when you can buy them as a bundle - and get an automatic discount?

    Step 1 - Clean B Oil-Based Cleansing Nectar easily and cleanly washes away excess oil, make-up and the grime of the day.

    Step 2 - Clean B Gentle Honey Cleanser (with 54% raw wildflower honey) naturally and effectively cleanses your skin while infusing moisture with the honey and organic glycerin.

    Step 3 - Clean B Clarifying Toner is heavy on organic botanicals - featuring calendula and manuka honey. It balances your skin, removes cleanser residue, helps clear pores, and preps skin for serums & moisturizers.

    See individual products for detailed ingredient lists.

    See individual products for detailed use instructions. You can expect the full size trio to last 2-3 months and the 2 oz size trio to last 1-2 months with daily use.

    The Art of Mindful Beauty

    Discover the heart and science of natural beauty with Essentially Haitos, where every product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to purity, efficacy, and simplicity. Join us on a journey to radiant, healthy skin, grounded in the belief that the best ingredients come straight from nature.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    F.W. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
    What are you waiting for?! BUY IT ASAP!

    I cannot say enough amazing things about this whole clean b set. I use all four products every single day, twice a day. After having my son two years ago, my skin became a huge struggle of mine. This skincare has literally SAVED ME.

    Anna (Reading, Pennsylvania)
    Best moisturizer in the skin care game 🔥

    I will never use another moisturizer again in my life. Clean B is the absolute best, no other moisturizers even compare. I’d rather run out and not use moisturizer at all (sorry Alicia 😂) then put another moisturizer on my face. (Yes…it is THAT good!)

    MMLF (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
    Bundle (4)

    I’ve used the honey face wash for a while (step 2) but decided to get the whole bundle. There’s not much skincare lines I trust out there but I trust this and my esthetician Heidi even uses essentially haitos products as well!

    Victoria (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
    Radiant Review

    I absolutely LOVE the Clean B Series products!!! I am currently using the Nectar, Cleanser and Toner and my skin has never looked this clean, bright and radiant! I cannot wait to purchase the rest of this line of products to add to my daily facial regimen!

    M.D. (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
    See the difference

    Hey Karen!! I’ve been using those products, and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin! First off, I love the smell. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s amazing. My skin has been loving the products, too! I noticed that my inflammation and redness have subsided since starting them. Thank you again, and I’m excited to keep using them!!

    Kaleigh (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
    Best cleansing line ever!!!!!

    Alicia & Karen knew what they were doing with the 3 steps line! Love the way I can see instant results 💞🍯


    I love the Clean B products and the way it makes my face feel.

    Stephanie E. (Voorhees Township, New Jersey)

    Still working on theses products!!

    Kim M. (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
    A little is all you need!

    This moisturizer is one of the best I have ever used. A small amount provides coverage and it gives a very nice glow. It is not heavy and leaves my skin feeling great!

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