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When is the last time you did something just for yourself?

the process of investing time, money, and effort in your skincare routine to improve the health of your skin

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The SKN.VST.MNT box is a quarterly subscription box FILLED with unique, hand-crafted skin care products designed to meet your skin's seasonal needs. You will never find these products in a retail store (or online) - except for maybe Essentially Haitos! ;-)

Because we create and produce unique products for each box, quanitites are limited.

Get on the Waitlist now to grab the next available spot!

Next Box Available : May 6th - 10th.

SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box

SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box

    When is the last time you've done something for yourself? 

    The SKN.VST.MNT box is a quarterly subscription box for YOU!

    Each SKN.VST.MNT self-care box is designed to promote skincare and self-care - and to make it natural, fresh, unique, and enjoyable!

    While we won't tell you exactly what's in each SKN.VST.MNT box (where's the fun in that?), we will tell you each box contains a minimum of 5 items:

    1. One product is formulated, hand-crafted and exclusive to the box (never before released - and the intent is to not release it in the foreseeable future)

    2. One to-be-released product (intent is to eventually add this product to the Essentially Haitos line-up - and you get it waaayyy before anybody else)

    3. One regular Essentially Haitos product

    4. One favorite product from another small skin care brand

    5. One non-skin care (but self-care) product

    A possible additional product to complement the others

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      Why subscribe to skn.vst.mnt
      (besides the excitement factor)?


      Exlucsive Access to Limited Edition Products

      Step into a world where each season brings new skincare discoveries with the SKN.VST.MNT box. As we explore and get creative in our lab, you get first access to limited-edition products crafted to harness the best of what each season offers. Subscribe to experience uniquely formulated products that blend traditional wisdom with contemporary innovation, available exclusively to our community.

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      Ingredient Transparency and Quality are Important

      With the SKN.VST.MNT box, you're investing in effective, safe, and transparent skincare. We're proud of how carefully we choose our high-quality, natural ingredients, and we love sharing details about their origins and the benefits they offer your skin. Each box delivers a potent blend of seasonal ingredients formulated to enhance your skin's natural health and beauty.

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      Tailored to Your Skin's Health and Wellness

      Each SKN.VST.MNT box is a step towards sustained skin health and wellness. Our seasonal approach allows us to tailor skincare products that adapt to your skin's changing needs throughout the year. By subscribing, you ensure your skincare regimen evolves with you, aligning with skin health research and the most effective, natural ingredients.

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      Hi, We're Karen and Alicia!

      We're the mother/daughter team behind Essentially Haitos and SKN.VST.MNT, and we're proud to offer you this unique skincare subscription box.

      It's unlike other boxes featuring generic products you can find anywhere. Instead, we're all about getting creative in our lab, exploring new skincare ingredients, and creating unique formulations you won't find anywhere else.

      When you subscribe to our box, you can expect to receive exclusive, subscription-only products that will update and elevate your skincare routine.

      Don't settle for less than the best – join us today and experience the SKN.VST.MNT difference!

      SIgn me up!

      Reviews from Some Happy Subscribers

      Ashley Withrow

      Best. Investment. Ever.

      First time subscriber!!! Holy moly I am literally obsessed. I love that each item was wrapped individually- it was like Christmas!!! Full of suspense and excitement. I love that instructions and tips for each item are included. The eye cream was a HUGE bonus. You receive a GENEROUS amount of product that will last a long time. Counting down to November!!

      Anna Evanko

      EH does it again!!

      Another incredible box as always (duh)! These ladies never disappoint. I am always 100% satisfied with ALL of EH’s products as well as their customer service. The rose balm moisturizes SO well my face is plump and hydrated 24/7. Thank you Karen and Alicia!

      Amanda Clements

      Love this box!

       I received my box yesterday and used the Sleeping Mask last night. I just wanted to say that my skin already feels so bouncy this morning and so freaking hydrated! I hope this is something you guys plan to sell regularly because I will keep buying it. I can't wait to try the other products in the box.

      What do you REALLY get with a SKN.VST.MNT subscription?

      stack of skn.vst.mnt boxes
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      Join the Exclusive SKN.VST.MNT Family

      Subscribing to SKN.VST.MNT isn't just about receiving products; it's about embracing a skincare lifestyle that values quality, innovation, and a personal touch.

      Spaces in our exclusive subscription community are limited, as we dedicate ourselves to handcrafting each product to meet your seasonal skin needs.

      Secure your spot today to benefit from our exisitng introductory pricing, and let us help you achieve the glowing, vibrant skin you deserve.

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