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Calming the Skin Critic (In Your Head)

Accepting and loving the skin you’re in is not a quick fix and sometimes that nagging voice in your head just gets the best of you. So, we’ve put together a few ways to boost your confidence / skin positivity and help you battle that inner skin critic whenever she whispers in your ear.
Calming the Skin Critic (In Your Head)

Boy, do I despise that voice in my head when I examine myself too closely in the mirror! She (let’s call her “Linda”) can really ruin a perfectly good day - if I let her.

For the most part, I have learned to tell Linda to ST%U (pardon my French) – but that wasn’t always the case (and she still sometimes worms her way into my life). 

There’s a new-to-me social trend– the skin positivity movement – but it’s something Alicia and I have been practicing despite not knowing it’s a “movement”. Skin positivity is something we strongly believe in and personally understand that its not always easy to achieve.

We know – and you know - that you're worth so much more than your skin concerns. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to the 'perfect skin' you see online and on TV (you know most of it is fake, right?).

Accepting and loving the skin you’re in is not a quick fix and sometimes your inner “Linda” just gets the best of you. So, we’ve put together a few ways to boost your confidence and help you battle that inner skin critic whenever she whispers in your ear.

“I want to accept my wrinkles, but I just can’t help wanting to get rid of them.”

Something to think about:

Accepting your wrinkles can be a really hard thing for anyone to do, especially when society has been telling us for decades that only smooth, youthful skin is beautiful.

But remember there’s no reason you can’t be beautiful at any age and true beauty is about more than just your skin. Think how far you’ve come in your life-to-date and how much you’ve learned. 

Something to do:

Write down 3 things you have learned / achieved with your age (that can be 5 years ago, 20 years ago – whatever works for you) and write them down – look at them whenever you feel Linda lurking about.

“Everyone is looking at me and judging my blemishes/ scars”

Something to think about:

Who do you look at most when you’re on a video call – you or the person you’re talking to? Our guess is it’s you! And that’s only natural. By nature, we focus on ourselves more than anyone else.

People, in general, are not looking at you – sadly, they are too focused on themselves. You will always notice your blemishes and faults more than other people.

Something to do:

Take a few steps back from the mirror and look at your eyes, your smile, and the way you laugh – this is what people see when they meet you. Remember that.

“Why doesn’t my skin look like that?”

Something to think about:

No matter how clear your skin is, there will always be someone who you think has ‘better’ skin than you. It’s just a fact of life – maybe you’re envious of your friend who "never" breaks-out or has fewer fine lines?

Comparing yourself to other people NEVER helps. (It’s ALWAYS a recipe for disaster!) Instead, focus on your journey and your skin. No one has flawless skin and everyone is unique – and that’s what makes us all beautiful. 

Something to do:

Write down 3 things that make you unique (maybe it’s a birth mark, a specific skill or something you like to do) and remember that you are special, whatever your skin concerns are.

“It’s so unfair that I have acne and everyone else has clear skin”

Something to think about:

It can often seem like you’re the only person with acne, but we know for a fact that isn’t true (most recent stats state that 85% of people between 12 – 24 experience some form of acne and 40-50 million people in the US have acne at any given time). Not that there is personal comfort in these numbers – just know you (we) are most definitely not alone! 

There are so many people out there just like you. Hopefully, internalizing that will quiet Linda’s voice.



Something to do:

Follow 1 or more of the people on this list of skin positive influencers who all have acne:


Learning how to love the skin you’re (currently) in is not always easy – nor is it a straight line to the finish line. It took me quite a few decades to get here – but I am here – and I hope these tips and mindset shifts will get you to your “happy place” in much less time! 😊

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