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The Best Skin Care Tool You Never Knew You Needed

This could be the facial treatment your skin is asking for!

Have you ever had the experience when your skin just feels like it's not right? It looks red, feels itchy, broken out, or just plain blah. These are all signs that your skin is telling you that it needs help. One of the best ways to soothe your skin and give it what it needs is with a high frequency facial.

High frequency is one of my favorite services in my treatment room (and at home, too) and not enough people know about it.

“What is high frequency? Never heard of it!”

Great question - and I'm here to answer it! 

Simply, it's a small facial machine that uses a glass high frequency electrode to treat various skin concerns. It can be used for

  • acne management,
  • enlarged pores,
  • fine lines and wrinkles, and
  • puffy or dark eyes.

As the wand moves across the skin's surface, a mild electrical current passes through the neon or argon gas-filled electrode and enriched oxygen molecules are produced. These molecules create an antibacterial action and a “natural” thermal tissue warming. (No, it doesn’t shock you or hurt at all, don’t worry!) 

This reaction helps your blood vessels push away toxins, while the cells in your skin are enriched with nutrients and hydrating volume (yes please). This creates an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal that support collagen and elastin production.

**Your skin is left feeling instantly energized and softer after one use.**

High frequency has proven to be effective on almost any skin lesion from acne, burns and cold sores. High frequency facials are a safe, therapeutic, and gentle approach to skin rejuvenation, quickly healing and restoring your skins health.

I know these sound like big promises…but wait, I’ve got a few more for you!

  • Oxygenates the skin for overall improvement in tone, texture, and glow
  • Kills acne causing bacteria and heals inflamed acne
  • Stops persistent acne in its tracks
  • Stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification
  • Contracts blood vessels, minimizing red/inflamed skin
  • Reduces signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Reduces appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads
  • Heals inflamed acne, rosacea, and other lesions
  • Helps normalize sebum (oil) production
  • Stimulates increase in collagen and elastin production
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes
  • Promotes healthier hair growth

Like c’mon, now! High frequency sounds too good to be true.

You're not totally wrong - you have to be sure to use a quality device. I use this one at home. I've also read great reviews on this one and this one. (I don't get money from any of these recommendations - just sharing!)

The best part is, it is gentle and safe enough for at home use or with me / your local esthetician for a series of treatments to help your specific concerns.

How to Use High Frequency Devices

High-frequency wands usually come with a few different “heads” to target specific areas of the face.

  • The ‘pointy electrode’ is great for deeper cystic pimples.
  • The ‘mushroom’ works for larger areas on your face, like your cheeks and forehead.
  • The ‘spoon’ is great for the under-eye area to help de-puff.

What does it feel like? Generally, a slight tingly sensation.

For blemish control: Once you feel the tingle, move the wand in a circular motion over the blemish for one to three minutes. You don’t need to actually touch the pimple you’re trying to shrink. For best results, pull the tip a fourth of an inch away from your skin.

For fine lines and wrinkles: Use the "mushroom" head, move the wand in a circular motion over areas of concern (crows feet, "laugh" line, forehead wrinkles) for one to three minutes at a time. Again, allow a little space between the wand and your skin for optimal results.

The high frequency wand shouldn’t be used for more than 20 minutes at a time over your whole face.

In Conclusion:

High frequency machines are extremely gentle and safe, and are a non-intrusive tool for common skin issues. They have been credited with treating acne, improving fine lines and wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, and reducing dark circles and eye puffiness.

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