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Ten+ Nourishing Oil

Ten+ Nourishing Oil

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Simple, effective skincare

Why Essentially Haitos

We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Our first product was a solution for our cofounder, Alicia, after years of struggling to conquer sensitive, breakout-prone skin. We handcraft, and meticulously source our natural ingredients, removing counterproductive chemicals and simplifying your skincare (and ours too).

Product description
    • Ten+ Nourishing Oil is made with natural & organic oils - that's it. It is lightweight, soothes skin, relieves dryness, flakiness & irritation. This oil blend leaves your skin healthier all the way around. DO NOT be afraid to use it if you have oily or acne-prone skin - it actually improves both of those skin issues!

      Every oil in Ten+ serves a purpose...however, standouts include: Kukui, Baobab, Calendula, Tamanu, Schisandra and Aloe. in combination they are anti-inflammatory, calming, wound-healing, regenerative, and help control oily skin. There is nothing like it on the market - it truly is a Ten+ (although that is not why we call it that - hint: look at the full ingredient list 🧡).

      Size: 1 fl oz (30 ml)

    • Daikon radish seed oil helps strengthen the skin barrier and protects against transepidermal water loss (TEWL) . Camellia Oil is an astringent oil and is a great choice for oily or problem skin. As a dry cooling oil, it helps with the prevention and repair of scarring. Grapeseed Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that support skin structure and tone. It is light and easily absorbed. Jojoba Oil lays down a non-greasy film that attracts moisture and helps regulate oil flow in the skin. It does not clog pores and protects against and calms acne. Chamomile German Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, helping to calm and alleviate skin problems.

      Baobab Oil is able to soothe cuts, burns and alleviate painful skin conditions. It is excellent for damaged skin and for the appearance of acne and rosacea conditions. Calendula Oil is very calming to irritated skin and has been shown to reduce acne formation, redness, swelling and bruising. Argan Oil soothes inflamed and irritated skin, while reducing the appearance of scarring and balancing skin’s natural moisture and oil production. Plum Oil is high in Vitamin E and is deeply hydrating and absorbs into the skin to leave a soft, smooth, satin-like finish. Tamanu Oil soothes, repairs, and diminishes redness, scars, stretch marks, irritation, itchiness, dryness, and peeling. It helps prevent blemishes from forming, and it protects against the harsh effects of the elements. It also helps reduce age spots, stretch marks, cellulite, and dryness. Whew!

    • Ways to use Ten+ Nourishing Oil

      Pre-shave: Apply a thin layer (3-4 drops) on clean, damp skin. Let it penetrate for Ten+ seconds. Apply normal shave cream on top. Shave. Rinse. Pat dry.

      Skin care: Rub 1-2 drops (experiment) between your palms. Pat/push into clean damp face. Can be used alone or under a moisturizer. You will be amazed at how soft and NON-GREASY your skin is! Use AM and PM (can use an extra drop or two at night).

      For hair: The versatile, nourishing oil can also be used as a conditioning, styling, or finishing tool. Argan Oil, in combination with Plum Seed, Camellia and Jojoba Oils, smooths hair, improves shine, and reduces frizz. 1 or 2 drops will do it!

    • Daikon radish oil, Camellia oil*, Calendula herbal oil, Grapeseed oil*, Jojoba oil*, Baobab oil*, Chamomile German oil, Argan oil (virgin), Plum oil, Tamanu oil (Madagascar), Beta carotene, Bergamot oil*

      *Certified Organic Content 35%

    "I see a big difference in my skin. Clearer with a nice dewy look."

    Made with natural ingredients

    We love creating natural and organic skincare for YOU. Sure, we started making it for ourselves - but we quickly realized we were on to something! Staying true to our roots, we use local and sustainably-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Shaylene S.
    5 stars

    5 stars

    Thanks for the recommendation

    Karen suggested this even though it's a "men's" product. I've used it twice a day since I bought it. It's light and my skin never feels oily, just moisturized.

    Melissa L.
    I bought the Men's Bundle

    I bought the Men's Bundle for my husband for Father's Day - two of the products were for him - but I wanted this oil for myself!

    Hannah F.
    5 stars

    5 stars