Deep Cleaning Facial Brush


    • What's Really Behind Glowing Skin!

      We talk a lot about natural and organic skin care and how it is the honest path to clean, healthy skin - and a huge component of a healthy life. And the BEST way to make your skin care products more effective - clean, exfoliated, healthy skin.

      This wireless facial cleansing brush is certainly not "natural" - it is made of silicone, but it is a hypo-allergenic, easy-to-clean, non-invasive way to thoroughly cleanse and massage your face, neck and chest (or décolletage for you fancy folks).

    • GLOWING SKIN: Cleanse better with this 5-speed wireless face brush with advanced micro-firming vibrations and hypo-allergenic silicone; truly clean skin is the basis of all effective skin care.

      UNCLOG PORES: Add your favorite cleanser to the sonic face brush and experience a deep cleanse in 60 seconds with 1800 ultra soft touch points. Remove more dirt, oil, blackheads and makeup than a manual brush or washing with your hands.

      SKIN-BOOSTING face massage every time you use this waterproof sonic face brush. It stimulates collagen & boosts blood flow to help reduce fine lines & wrinkles and restore skin’s firmness.

      GENTLE EXFOLIATION: This rechargeable sonic brush delivers between 2400 (low) to 6700 (high) pulses per minute to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Helps diminish acne and blemishes for softer and smoother skin

      BONUS: You can also use the soft silicone face brush to apply your favorite serums and moisturizers - it really helps with absorption!

    • Your silicone face brush is completely waterproof - and comes charged right out of the box.

      Wet the brush, apply your favorite face wash, turn it on, adjust the vibration speed to your liking - and wash away all the dirt and oils on your skin. You do not need to scrub - let the vibrating brush do all the work.

      Recharge when necessary (charging dock and cord included).

      Use as often as desired, in or out of the shower.