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Clean B Daily Skincare Routine
4 steps. 5 minutes. Happy, healthy skin.

Tired of trying endless skincare routines without results? Simplify with our Clean B Introductory Bundle, your natural, all-in-one solution for radiant, healthy skin.

Clean B products, crafted by and for busy women, handle everything from makeup removal to deep hydration, even for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

$49.99 $98.00

Meet your daily routine for balanced, beautiful skin.

Cleansing Nectar

Step 1

Purify and clean with this 70% organic Oil-Based Cleansing Nectar. Washes off easily, leaving zero makeup, dirt, and residue behind.

Gentle Honey Cleanser

Step 2

Experience our unique Gentle Honey Cleanser, where 54% raw wildflower honey meets 20% glycerin for a natural cleansing revolution. A game changer.

Alicia using toner

Step 3

Our Clarifying Honey Toner is formulated with Aloe vera, Manuka honey and Calendula extracts, making this toner perfect for calming the skin and rebalancaing pH.

Clean B moisturizer

Step 4

Finish with our Soft Honey Moisturizer, a botanical-heavy lightweight moisturizing lotion for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin.

SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box
SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box

SKN.VST.MNT Subscription Box

    When is the last time you've done something for yourself? 

    The SKN.VST.MNT box is a quarterly subscription box for YOU!

    Each SKN.VST.MNT self-care box is designed to promote skincare and self-care - and to make it natural, fresh, unique, and enjoyable!

    While we won't tell you exactly what's in each SKN.VST.MNT box (where's the fun in that?), we will tell you each box contains a minimum of 5 items:

    1. One product is formulated, hand-crafted and exclusive to the box (never before released - and the intent is to not release it in the foreseeable future)

    2. One to-be-released product (intent is to eventually add this product to the Essentially Haitos line-up - and you get it waaayyy before anybody else)

    3. One regular Essentially Haitos product

    4. One favorite product from another small skin care brand

    5. One non-skin care (but self-care) product

    A possible additional product to complement the others

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      Why subscribe to skn.vst.mnt
      (besides the excitement factor)?


      Exlucsive Access to Limited Edition Products

      Step into a world where each season brings new skincare discoveries with the SKN.VST.MNT box. As we explore and get creative in our lab, you get first access to limited-edition products crafted to harness the best of what each season offers. Subscribe to experience uniquely formulated products that blend traditional wisdom with contemporary innovation, available exclusively to our community.

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      Ingredient Transparency and Quality are Important

      With the SKN.VST.MNT box, you're investing in effective, safe, and transparent skincare. We're proud of how carefully we choose our high-quality, natural ingredients, and we love sharing details about their origins and the benefits they offer your skin. Each box delivers a potent blend of seasonal ingredients formulated to enhance your skin's natural health and beauty.

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      Tailored to Your Skin's Health and Wellness

      Each SKN.VST.MNT box is a step towards sustained skin health and wellness. Our seasonal approach allows us to tailor skincare products that adapt to your skin's changing needs throughout the year. By subscribing, you ensure your skincare regimen evolves with you, aligning with skin health research and the most effective, natural ingredients.

      $49.99 $98.00


      Oil Cleansing Nectar

      This first step in a hassle-free daily cleansing routine is a dream pre-cleanser. It's designed to effortlessly remove excess oil, makeup, dirt, and other pore-clogging impurities. It rinses completely clean without any oily residue, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

      Key Ingredients:
       - Organic Rice Bran Oil
       - Organic Castor Oil
       - Organic Manuka Oil

      Alicia kissing nectar
      Pouring cleanser enhanced

      Gentle Honey Cleanser

      This is the second step in the cleansing process and a testament to our commitment to natural skincare. With 54% raw wildflower honey, its thick, luxurious texture soothes and moisturizes, gently cleanses, and mildly exfoliates your skin, leaving it refreshed, supple, and unbelievably soft.

      Key Ingredients:
       - Raw Wildflower Honey
       - Organic Glycerin

      Clarifying Honey Toner

      We believe this toner is the unsung hero of your skincare routine. It balances your skin, removes cleanser residue, helps clear pores, and preps skin for serums and moisturizers, ensuring it is ready to absorb all their goodness.

      Key Ingredients:
       - Manuka Honey Extract
       - Organic Calendula Extract
       - Gentle exfoliating fruit extracts

      Close up of toner enhanced.jpg__PID:a166fdfa-4dfe-4f88-a227-038b4a51f51a
      Jessi with moisturizer

      Soft Honey Moisturizer

      Top your gloriously soft and clean skin with the Soft Honey Moisturizer. It's packed with essential nutrients to aid skin renewal and radiance, making this moisturizer your key to a healthy, youthful, glowing complexion.

      Key Ingredients:
       - Niacinamide
       - Royal Jelly extract
       - Bakuchiol (natural retinol alternative)

      Karen and Alicia Haitos

      Hi, We're Karen and Alicia!

      We're Karen and Alicia Haitos, the mother-daughter team behind Essentially Haitos. Our mission is simple: to create skincare with natural, effective ingredients that truly work.

      Our journey began with personal struggles. Alicia battled sensitive skin and frequent breakouts, which led her to choose natural skincare and esthetics as a career. Meanwhile, as a busy career woman and mother, I (Karen) found commercial skincare choices and routines compicated, overwhelming and over-hyped. Our shared frustrations ignited a passion for creating straightforward, potent skincare solutions.

      With my passion and experience in formulating and Alicia's thriving esthetics practice, we bring you skincare that's not just effective, but a joy to use. Our products are crafted with your skin's health in mind, using only the best ingredients—raw honey, royal jelly, and carefully selected botanical extracts.

      At Essentially Haitos, transparency and trust are the very essence of our brand. We believe in being open about every ingredient we use and the real results you can expect. This commitment is our promise to you, ensuring you can make informed choices about your skincare.

      Our ultimate goal is to make skincare effective, simple, and pleasurable to use. We want our products to seamlessly fit into your daily routine, enhancing your self-care experience. Discover the Essentially Haitos difference—skincare that works for you naturally and brings a smile to your face.

      Reviews from Happy Customers

      Victoria Lutz

      Radiant Review

      I absolutely LOVE the Clean B Series products!!! I am currently using the Nectar, Cleanser and Toner and my skin has never looked this clean, bright and radiant! I cannot wait to purchase the rest of this line of products to add to my daily facial regimen!

      Morgan Bucks

      See the difference

      Hey Karen!! I’ve been using those products, and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin! First off, I love the smell. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s amazing. My skin has been loving the products, too! I noticed that my inflammation and redness have subsided since starting them. Thank you again, and I’m excited to keep using them!!

      Kim McDonnell

      A little is all you need!

      This moisturizer is one of the best I have ever used. A small amount provides coverage and it gives a very nice glow. It is not heavy and leaves my skin feeling great!

      What do you REALLY get with a SKN.VST.MNT subscription?

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