Booty-ful Cream


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    Best for: All skin types; those looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite and discoloration while leaving the skin soft and supple!
    • Your booty is regularly subjected to abuse: tight jeans and leggings, sweaty workout clothes, and simply being ignored in favor of "more important" skin. No more!

      Hopefully you scrubbed it, masked it - now it's time to top it off with a scoop-ful of booty goodness!

      This all-natural moisturizing cream is designed to infuse your derriere with a final dose of skin-loving, cellulite-fighting, discoloration dissolving, and super softening ingredients. Highlights include:
      🔸 four organic oils selected to support and improve booty skin,
      🔸 wasabi, ginger and garlic to squelch inflammation and improve circulation - making all the other ingredients perform better,
      🔸 plant-based extracts shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and
      🔸 cleansing peppermint & orange; hydrating and brightening banana and papaya.

      4 fl oz (120 ml) / Net Wt 7 oz (200 gm)

    • Camellia, Jojoba, Black Cumin and Tamanu oils support skin structures, and help with the reduction of scarring, discoloration and stretch marks. These oils are highly protective of your precious skin barrier. 

      Botanical blend of Red Clover, Cocoa and Green Tea contains various plant chemicals that play a role in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Summarizing it takes more space than we have here, so we wrote an informative blog post about this blend - see it at Do What is in Your Control to Combat Cellulite to learn why we chose these ingredients.

      Cocoa butter helps protect the skin and prevents moisture loss - helping your booty to stay soft. It is traditionally used to prevent and repair stretch marks.

      Wasabi, Ginger and Garlic extracts protect skin from bacteria and inflammation. In combination, they improve blood circulation in the area of usage, allowing the other skin care ingredients to work at a higher level.

      Banana extract softens and hydrates the skin. Papaya extract contains natural enzymes that smooth,soften and reveal brighter, clearer skin.

      Peppermint and Orange oils are natural cleansers, helping to rid your booty of surface nasties. These essential oils effectively help clear and maintain healthy skin. 

    • Start with clean, dry (or slightly damp) skin. Scoop a generous amount of cream and massage into booty and upper thigh area.

      Use daily to keep your skin smooth, clear and happy.

    • Aloe vera juice, Distilled water, Moringa oleifera seed oil & alkyl glucoside & glyceryl stearate & cetearyl alcohol & stearic acid, Glycerin, Lactobacillus /camellia sinesis leaf / Clover flower / Cocoa flower ferment filtrate & water, Camellia oil*, Jojoba oil*, Nigella seed oil*, Tamanu oil*, Cocoa butter, Wasabi root & Ginger root & Garlic bulb extracts, Peppermint oil*, Sweet orange oil*, Arrowroot powder, Banana extract, Papaya extract, Vitamin E, Xanthan gum