Clay Mask Sample Pack

  • Can't decide which mask is for you? Does your skin have different needs at different times of the month or year? Or, do you have combination skin and want to multi-mask? Then, this large sample pack of clay masks is for you! The pack consists of three 1 oz jars of our clay-based masks - Hello Sunshine, Pretty in Pink and Mean Green (1 each). Happy Masking!
  • This is a great option to choose if you are undecided which mask is best for you, your skin has different needs at different times, or you want to multi-mask. Each mask has its own personality.

    The green mask is the most absorbent and tightening of the three - we love it - Alicia is in her early twenties and I am in my mid-fifties (gulp) and we can both use it to get the grime out of our pores and smooth our skin.

    The pink mask is extremely gentle with kaolin clay, chamomile extract and lavender oil. We use this mask when our skin is stressed from the environment or our hectic schedules.

    The yellow mask is awesome!  It is comfortable to wear, yet it has enough anti-inflammatory and stimulating ingredients (turmeric powder and multi-fruit acids) in it to brighten and clarify your complexion.

  • Please see the individual clay masks for specific use instructions.

    In general, the green mask dries faster and harder than the pink and yellow masks. Remove the green mask once it is completely dry. The pink and yellow masks remain comfortable becuase they never completely dry out on your face (unless you wear them for hours on end, but who has time for that?).

  • Please see the individual clay mask ingredient lists. (I'm definitely not retyping all of those.)

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