Lucabello - Fit Soak


Treat yourself to a well earned self care ritual anytime you need a pick-me-up. Relax your aching bod in a warm soak of muscle soothing minerals, while the refreshing scent of fresh Rosemary+Mint or Lemon+Lavender help calm your mind.

Therapeutic baths have been used by everyday athletes and fitness pros for years to restore overworked muscles back to peak performance and reset mental well being. Our mineral rich blend of epsom and dead sea salts take away the aches, calm the mind and nourish skin with added coconut milk, honey and essential oils.

Why you'll love it:
  • Relieves muscle tension, aches, inflammation, stiffness & pain
  • Rejuvenating aromatherapy from essential oils
  • Over 21 essential minerals to restore your body
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Soothing for eczema or dry skin conditions
  • Promotes better sleep

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