Clean B Oil-Based Cleansing Nectar (2 oz)


    Best For: All skin types (including acne-prone and sensitive skin). Now in convenient 2 oz. size!
    • This is the first step in your daily cleansing routine. Our organic sunflower, castor and manuka oil cleanser is designed to remove excess oil, makeup, dirt and other pore-clogging impurities – then it rinses completely clean without any oily residue, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

    • Organic Sunflower Oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil that is highly absorbent and won't clog pores (one of the main reasons we chose it). It’s non-irritating for most people, and can be used on all types of skin, including dry, normal, oily, and acne-prone - so we knew you would appreciate it as the foundational oil in this cleanser.


      Organic Castor Oil is another non-comedogenic oil that is often used in oil cleansers because of its rich texture and compounds (triglycerides) that are helpful in removing dirt from the skin. Castor oil is also suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone, sensitive and mature.

      Manuka oil is moisturizing, calming and pore cleansing - so we included it in this cleansing nectar as an added boost.

    • This is Step 1 in your double-cleansing routine. Use the Cleansing Nectar at night to wash away all the grime of the day – but you can also use it in the morning or as your sole cleanser.

      Start with a nickel-sized amount, rub between DRY palms and apply it to your DRY face. It should glide on smoothly. Massage gently for approx. 60 seconds. When you’re ready, rinse with warm water and watch it rinse away dirt and make-up (even stubborn eye make-up).

      For best results, follow with Clean B Gentle Honey Cleanser to complete your cleansing routine.

    • Sunflower oil*, Castor oil*, Caprylic capric triglycerides, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, Natural Vitamin E, Manuka oil*, Seabuckthorn oil*

      *70% Organic Content

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