Seven Ways to Incorporate Face Oils in Your Skin Care Routine

September 13, 2019 2 Comments

Seven Ways to Incorporate Face Oils in Your Skin Care Routine

There are so many questions about using face oils:

  • I never considered using oil on my skin, why should I use one?
  • Which oils are right for my skin type?
  • Won’t oils clog my pores?
  • When do I use a face oil?
  • How do I incorporate one into my skin care routine?
  • How do I introduce oils to my skin?

I’m sure I could think of more, but you get the point. To keep this post focused (and not too long), I will address the main questions of Why and How (with a little sprinkling of skin type thrown in to make it meaningful). Here we go…

Using oils on your skin is often a scary and counter-intuitive concept. Trust me, it took me quite some time to warm-up to the idea – and then to actually put it into practice. My skin was oily in my teens and twenties, or so I thought. More likely, it was all the “oil-free” skin care and acne products I was using that actually caused my oil glands to go into overdrive. It was quite the vicious cycle! Thankfully, by the time Alicia was experiencing similar issues, I was a little wiser about skin care.


So, the first question – Why switch to (or incorporate) oil-based skin care?

Let’s start with cleansing.

Washing your face with traditional cleansers may strip your skin of its natural oils and protective acid mantle – over-drying your skin and stimulating the oil glands to produce more sebum, leading to extra oily or clogged skin. So, you wash more, experience more dryness and oiliness – and this losing battle continues.

Enter oil cleansing.

If you have never used an oil cleanser, you are missing something awesome for your skin! Using an oil cleanser leaves the pH-level of your skin undisturbed – and the oils help pull out impurities. You’ll cleanse your face of all the bad stuff (dirt, grime, makeup), stay hydrated, and keep all the good oils that you’re producing on your own.

***Side note: I absolutely love DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! I have been using it for decades – and I actually give it as gifts - it’s that good! I linked to it so you can check it out if you are interested (I get no compensation for this – DHC has no freakin’ clue who I am 😊). Second side note: Essentially Haitos is working on its own version of a cleansing oil, but will not release it until we love it as much as DHC’s oil cleanser. Stay tuned!

On to oil-based moisturizers.

Normal to dry skin.

Oils help keep skin hydrated and protected much longer than typical creams and lotions – and they absorb much more quickly. Additionally, organic and plant-based oils deliver much needed vitamins and minerals to your skin.

Look for these oils in your products: Argan, Rosehip, Jojoba, Coconut, Grapeseed, Safflower

Oily skin.

As I discussed above, oily skin is often a defense mechanism to balance out skin that’s lacking in moisture. Clean and pure facial oils help to rebalance your skin and sebum production by signaling to your oil glands that your skin has enough moisture – it’s time to slow down the oil production there pal! (That’s me talking to my oil glands.)

Look for these oils in your products: Primrose, Jojoba, Black Cumin, Tea Tree, Camellia

Acne-prone skin.

Same as above for oily skin – with the additional comment that the right oils can help fight bacteria that cause acne, calm irritated skin, clear pores and support the generation of newer, fresher skin – all without over-drying.

Look for these oils in your products: Primrose, Black Cumin, Tea Tree, Sacha Inchi, Tamanu

*** Product Plug: Essentially Haitos recently launched This Blem For Real! blemish-busting oil. It can be used as a spot treatment, added to your usual facial moisturizer for all-over application, or mixed with any Essentially Haitos mask to up its blemish-busting and skin-clearing abilities. Check it out to see what the right effective oils can do for your problem skin.


Now, to the second (and third) questions: How should you start incorporating oils into your skin care routine & How (and When) to apply them?

1 Start at night

It’s the least anxiety-producing time to try any new skin care product. Also, our skin is at peak absorbency while we sleep, so all those good-for-skin nutrients will get to where they are supposed to go.

2 Try mixing oil with one of your usual products

You can mix an oil with either a serum (if you use one) or your regular moisturizer. Start with one drop of oil and build up to three, depending upon your skin’s needs. I put my favorite moisturizer in the palm of my hand, add 2-3 drops of face oil, rub my hands together and pat the mixture on my face, neck and chest. Happy skin!

3 Layering

This is more of an application option, but it can also help your skin transition to oil-based products. Go through your normal skin care routine (through moisturizer), then drop one (building to maximum of three) drop in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and press the oil into your face. This helps the oil to penetrate deeply and completely. And don’t forget your neck and chest!

4 Take days off

Give your skin a chance to adjust to its new routine by taking a day off between using a facial oil. Added bonus is you will be able to test how your skin reacts and feels with the addition of the oil. At this point, NOT adding oil to my moisturizer is not an option for me.

5 Go slow

Start with one drop of oil and build up as your skin demands it. It may take some time for your skin to adjust to facial oils, and initially you may experience breakouts. We recommend giving yourself 2-4 weeks to rebalance your skin.

6 Don’t change anything else in your routine

This is kind of like an experiment for your skin. You want to keep everything else constant so you can determine how your skin reacts to the addition of the face oil.

Also, avoid adding anything new to your routine PMS week – unless it is This Blem For Real! (which should help with flare-ups).

7 Know that you and your skin are unique

Everyone has different skin and what works for your best friend may not work for you in exactly the same way. Pay attention to your skin and its needs. Customize how often your incorporate facial oils into your routine – from twice a day to twice a week. You know you – and your skin will thank you for it!


And, that’s a wrap!

Hope this helps answer some of your questions regarding the use of facial oils – and how truly beneficial they are for all skin types. While Essentially Haitos does not yet offer specific face oils (but do check out our Coffee Lovers Eye (oil) Serum), rest assured we are working on them! I use and share (with family and friends) one I created for more mature skin – and a more “youthful” facial oil is in the pipeline. Stay tuned!


As always – Enjoy your day!


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